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Learn what you need to know today about transporters through AAPS! Go in-depth with an eCourse, stay current through a webinar, poster, or recent article, or get your question answered through an upcoming workshop.

Start your transporters exploration by visiting any of the resources listed below:

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AAPS Workshops

April 2016! The Joint AAPS/ITC Workshop on Drug Transporters in ADME: From the Bench to the Bedside will deliver cutting edge science in a focused meeting. Learn what is happening today in transporters and discuss your questions and experiences with scientists facing the same hurdles.  

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AAPS eLearning Series

New in 2016! The Transporter Knowledge for New Frontiers eCourse provides a detailed overview of key concepts in transporter pharmacology that are essential for academic, industrial, and regulatory pharmaceutical scientists.

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The AAPS Blog provides multiple, timely perspectives on transporters issues affecting pharmaceutical scientists. Here are just a few relevant posts:

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AAPS Focus Groups

AAPS focus groups unite pharmaceutical scientists with a common interest in a specific discipline. Focus groups encourage open, dynamic communications with colleagues tackling similar challenges and help participants forge new relationships. AAPS membership not a requirement to join a focus group. Sign up for one of these groups today!

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AAPS Publications

AAPS publications offer the latest scientific news and break-throughs online and in print through scholarly journals and the AAPS Newsmagazine. Or, take an in-depth look at a key field through AAPS books written by scientists for scientists.

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The AAPS Journal
AAPS PharmSciTech
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AAPS Newsmagazine

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AAPS Webinars

AAPS Webinars keep you up-to-date on transporters and other topics through convenient live and recorded programming. If you’re learning about transporters, consider these webinars: