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Ambassadors Coordination Committee  

In keeping with the goals of the AAPS Strategic Plan, the Ambassadors Coordination Committee (ACC) formed in November 2016 to promote the value of pharmaceutical sciences through strategic outreach and awareness building. The ACC subsumes the work of the Student/Postdoctoral Outreach and Development (SPOD) Committee, which has been phased out.

The ACC is dedicated to:
• Identifying opportunities to communicate the value and benefits of pharmaceutical sciences through strategic outreach
• Supporting and engaging AAPS members who are progressing along a continuum of academic and professional development (e.g., students), as well as institutions and individuals that are not affiliated with AAPS

The ACC welcomes the opportunity to work with universities, AAPS Student Chapters, secondary schools, community organizations, and institutions that share a common mission with AAPS.

ACC Programs
The ACC will guide programs such as the existing Visiting Scientists Program and the Mentoring Program (currently based within AAPS Sections). Revisions will be made to these programs to ensure they are delivering high quality services and information, and increasing the capacity of participants to meet their educational and professional goals. In addition, the ACC will continue engaging in K-12 outreach .

 ACC Photo 2 November 2016 

 Members of the ACC: Alan Watts (Chair), Bonnie Rup, Songyan Zheng, Amit Desai, Tycho Heimbach, Beom-Jin Lee, Reina Bendayan, (Lily) Yi Li, Oyenmwen Ize-iyamu, Parul Gupta, Stacey May (Staff), and Kate Chutuape (Staff)

Interested in serving on the ACC? Each year, the committee will assess its needs and identify individuals to fill vacant roles. Please contact Stacey May if the ACC is of interest to you.    

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