Solvent Systems and Their Selection in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

Publication Date: 2007-06-08

Edited by Patrick Augustijns and Marcus Brewster

Solvent systems are integral to drug development and pharmaceutical technology. This single topic encompasses numerous allied subjects running the gamut from recrystallization solvents to biorelevant media. The goal of this contribution to the AAPS Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects series, Volume 6, is to generate both a practical handbook as well as a reference allowing the reader to make effective decisions concerning the use of solvents and solvent systems. To this end, the monograph was created by inviting recognized experts from a number of fields to author relevant sections. The chapters are organized such that useful decision trees are included together with the scientific underpinning for their application. In addition, trends in the use of solvent systems and a balance of current views make this monograph useful to both the novice and experienced researcher and to scientists at all developmental stages from early discovery to late pharmaceutical operations.

ISBN: 978-0-387-69149-7

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