Prodrugs: Challenges and Rewards, Parts 1 and 2

Publication Date: 2007-03-12

Edited by Valentino Stella, Ronald Borchardt, Michael Hageman, Reza Oliyai, Hans Maag, and Jefferson Tilley

This essential volume provides a comprehensive overview of prodrugs and will guide the reader through the current status of the prodrug concept and its many applications. Part 1 is concerned with the design and deliverability of problematic drugs in which the parent drug is clearly identified and a prodrug solution is sought. Part 2 concerns a functional group approach to prodrugs designed for synthetic medicinal chemists. Also provided are extensive examples of approved and marketed prodrugs, including 25 case studies which the reader can learn from and apply to future strategic endeavors in the development of prodrug candidates. Prodrugs: Challenges and Rewards, Parts 1 and 2 is crucial for the novice as well as the professional for a complete understanding of the use of prodrugs for the delivery of older but problematic drugs, as well as to the development of broad-based prodrug technologies for application to new and future drugs. See also Table of contents, Part 1 and Table of contents, Part 2.

ISBN: 978-0-387-49782-2

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