Drug Absorption Studies: In Situ, In Vitro, and In Silico Models

Publication Date: 2008-01-14

Edited by Carsten Ehrhardt and Kwang-Jin Kim

Volume 7 of the AAPS Press series, Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects comprehensively summarizes the different approaches to assess drug absorption from in vitro models; provides readers with a review of the current state-of-the-art in pharmaceutical cell biology; provides readers with helpful protocols for many applications that can be directly used at the laboratory bench. This is a well thought-out, highly practical text covering contemporary in vitro techniques for drug absorption studies. It will be essential reading for any number of professionals in drug research. Starting at the molecular level of investigation, it continues with cell monolayer models (both primary and cell lines) and culminates with in situ techniques as a final testing format. In addition, chapters on high-throughput assays, in vitro-in vivo correlation, bioinformatics and regulatory issues are covered, giving a comprehensive overview of available models and techniques. What's more, an appendix consisting of a number of practical protocols is available online, updated as needed, and should prove very helpful to apply the techniques directly to the benchside.

ISBN: 978-0-387-74900-6

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