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2012 AM Mentoring Breakfast
2012 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition Mentoring Breakfast

Mentoring is an important facet of professional development, and AAPS is dedicated to helping foster those mentor-mentee relationships.

AAPS Mentoring Events

  • Mentoring Breakfast—2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference, Boston, MA (7:00 am–8:00 am, Monday, May 16, 2016) 
  • Mentoring Breakfast—2016 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, Denver, CO (7:00 am–8:30 am, Monday, November 14, 2016)

AAPS Mentoring Program

The AAPS Mentoring Program has traditionally been administered through each section.  However, this process is changing to create a more streamlined, focused, and outcomes-oriented program.  The Ambassadors Coordination Committee (ACC) will be guiding the mentoring program starting in 2017.  The ACC is in the process of revising the program to ensure it meets mentor and mentee needs. More information on AAPS mentoring programs will be coming soon, including an AAPS webinar on mentoring. Check back for updates!